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Guard Jobs?

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  • Guard Jobs?

    I have a question...I've recently graduated from a veterinary technology program (AVMA-accredited). Looking on the Guard site, I couldn't find much about veterinary technicians or jobs related in the Guard. (That is, besides food inspection, which is not in my interests.) I'm not yet registered as a technician, but would it maybe be possible to do my internship hours as a vet tech with the Guard while I train?

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    Re: Guard Jobs?

    The Army does has vet technicians (since there are military working dogs - MWD's), but I'm not sure that the guard does. Your best bet would be to go to a recruiter, see what jobs are available in your area, and speak to him/her about what you may be interested in.


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      Re: Guard Jobs?

      The Guard has no force structure for veterinarians or vet techs. As you might imagine, it's a very small career field.


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        Re: Guard Jobs?

        Ah the infamous 68R. Here's how the guard does it. The new model for Force Health Protection puts two of them on staff at your Med Bns. Pretty neat since they are E7 and E8 slots.

        However, where am I going to get an E7 or E8 Vet tech when the only two billets in the entire state belong to me?

        The answer which we are exploring is grab an E5 that wants to reclass, send them to school, and put them in an unoccupied slot until they can promote in the E7 slot.

        So to answer your question and reiterate what LTC Ritchie said, there are very very few slots in the Guard for Vet techs. They generally only do food service inspections. The Army reserve has a number of Vets. We pondered trying to steal from them at one time.
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