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1-1-1 and tape test

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  • 1-1-1 and tape test

    I am planning to enlist this summer(haven't decided whether to go Guard or active yet), and had been in contact with a recruiter, but he just told me to call him back when I taped at 26% bf(when I talked to him a month and a half ago I taped at 33). I think his logic might be because of the fact that I weigh quite a bit. I'm 6'6'' and about 360ish, but today I taped at 27%(I have a good bit of muscle–with no fat at all I would weigh 250 according the the bioelectrical impedance test).
    I want to wait until I get that 26% to call him back, but I also had a couple of questions.
    At what point am I required to pass the 1-1-1? I can do the sit-ups without a problem, my run is getting there(I'm running three times a week with some Marines), but my pushups are horrible. My chest is the one part of my body that isn't really strong, and it's a lot of weight to get up. I'm losing weight consistently because of my job though, so they will get easier as my weight goes down. Would it be better to do bench press to get my chest strength up or just do muscle failure pushups until I get it?

    Thanks for any advice and thanks for your service.

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    Re: 1-1-1 and tape test

    I had this exact same problem with push-ups. I started to consistently work out my chest and triceps (main areas needed for push-ups). I started doing chest and tricep work outs every other day or every 2 days depending on if I was sore or not. Look up I get my strength training exercises from that website.
    So, I started doing that and I started doing push-ups on my knees. When I was able to finally do push-ups on my knees where my chest was touching the floor, I moved to doing them on my toes. From there, I started focusing on doing CORRECT push-ups as apposed to muscle failure. I focused on being able to do push-ups where my chest was almost touching the floor. Then I increased the number of reps and sets, etc. I've found that it's better to have good form, even if you can only do 10 or 15 pushups at a time then to do 50 crappy ones.

    You'll get there! I never thought I would and I did! Good luck.