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Concerned about my son

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  • Concerned about my son

    My son is 17 and really wants to enlist in the Guard. I applaud his decision, but I'm concerned about his physical condition. He's had recurring back pain for several years. He had to quit track and field and diving because of the pain. However, none of the doctors we have taken him to have been able to find anything specifically wrong with him.

    My questions are these:
    1. How thorough is the physical he will undergo before he is able to enlist?
    2. If they find nothing wrong with him, but he decides that he is in too much pain to perform certain tasks at basic training, would he be discharged and, if so, what sort of discharge might that be?

    Thank you for your service and your expertise in this matter.

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    Re: Concerned about my son

    1) The physical is pretty through,
    2) If a doctor said there is nothing wrong with him, and your son knows that there is something wrong, then he shouldn't risk hurting himself. However, if your son thinks he can do it, he probably can.

    It is nice to see a mother care for her son. Good job, you should be proud of your son.


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      Re: Concerned about my son

      Ma'am if your son has ever been "Seriously" treated for a back injury then he needs to be completely honest with his recruiter. The recruiter will ask you son if he has or has had any conditions or injuries that might prevent him from completing training and doing his job. He is 17 which means that he needs your permission to join. If it is not medically documented, then I would make note of it and let the folks who do the physicals make the determination. Either way make sure you son is truthful. The traits of a Soldier include honor, integrity and personal courage among other things, he really does not want to start this relationship by entering under false or misleading pretenses.

      Best Regards