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Waiting to hear about my med read

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  • Waiting to hear about my med read

    I am waiting to hear back from my 3rd med read from MEPS, This is to a new MEPS and have another eval to send in with my other one. The last 2 med reads came back PDQ for adjustment disorder and i guess the MEPS CMO din't let me come for a physical, I'm not really sure because my recruiters never really told me anything. Well after a year from one of my former recruiters droping me like a bad habbit, I guess she kinda got to know me by being friends on facebook and seeing my determination to get back into the army. She is really gung ho about helping me now. I told her about how the last 2 med reads came back and ect. but she seems confident. Just to let you know this is with the regular army, I know this is a guard forum, there is alot of info on this website and knowledgeable people.

    I had contacted the USAREC and they are onbord with this also, they said they want to evaluate the hole situation, and i was told this is a good thing. I just hope it works out this time. I am praying that the CMO recommends a waiver this time and lets me physical so the waiver process can start. Or that the USAREC forces MEPS to give me a physical.

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    Re: Waiting to hear about my med read

    Sounds good. I hope it works out.


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      Re: Waiting to hear about my med read

      I recived very bad news today. My recruiter informed me that my med read got sent all the way up and that the USAREC dr did not want to proceed with a medical waiver. No consult, not physical and no waiver. I am crushed.

      The part that frustrates me is that the thing i was DQ'ed on does not apply to me.
      the standerd i was Dq'ed by says, “h. History of a single adjustment disorder (309) within the previous 3
      months, or recurrent episodes of adjustment disorders.”

      I was only diagnosed ONE time with adjustment disorder and it was almost 6 years ago, So longer that 3 months and not recurrent. I should not even be medically disqualified.


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        Re: Waiting to hear about my med read

        Well you had two chances already which is more than most people, one for fraud enlistment and 2nd because you really really really wanted out of the military. Not to sound mean, but wasting that much time, money, and slot, you don't deserve a third, thus you didnt get it. Be glad a recruiter even took the time to submit the waiver at least, can be grateful for that.