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  • Question about joining

    I have been trying to join different branches of the military for several months now and have been struggling, I have 3 misdemeanors on my record, 2 of which I got just after I turned 18 so I just barely made the marker for them to be on my adult record.

    The first 2 I got when I was 18 are a usage of marijuana, and a minor in possession of alcohol. I have I think 2 or 3 violations on this probation I can't remember the exact number but I did mess up and I realize that. I was young and very stupid and at that time in my life did not have my priorities straight.

    The next one I got about a year ago and it was a operating while impaired. This was another stupid mistake I made, I was with a few friends and we had been drinking and I THOUGHT I could drive us to the college campus so we could go party, very dumb, very immature I thought I could get away with it but obviously that didn't happen.

    While going through my probation for the OWI I was approached by judge about what I planned on doing in life and he helped me realize the direction I was taking myself, since then I have been trying to get into the military, get back into school and make a way for myself honorably.

    I was denied service to the regular army because both the recruiters I talked to simply said that with the draw downs the army has raised its standards considerably and with my record I simply had too much for them to touch, its frustrating because they both told me when they joined you could have multiple felonies, a few misdemeanors and god knows what else on your record but they could waive it no problem. They told me to try the Michigan National Guard because the Guard goes by different state regulated rules.

    when I went to the MNG they told me too that I didn't meet the moral requirements and simply had too much on my record.

    It's really frustrating because I understand why they won't take me and if I could go back and take back the things I did I would in a second, but unfortunately I can't.

    What my question is, is basically is it possible to join another states national guard if your not a citizen of the state? And are there any states that are being lenient on moral waivers? I have a high school diploma, I have 15 college credits, no medical history of depression, sickness, or anything else that would hinder me in the military. The men in my family all have a history of serving in the military in all branches, 2 brothers in the ROTC. Pretty much the only thing hindering me is these 3 charges, and if theres a way to get into another states National Guard or another branch of the military I would much appreciate any information you guys can provide.