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    i have a question about the waiver process and where i am at now. I seperated my shoulder years ago, and just recently got a physical and letter from my doctor saying i was good to go. The recruiter put me into the waiver process. She just called me and let me know that MEPS is sending me to a specialist (one of the doctors that works for them) to be examined. I asked the recruiter what happens after i get examined and she did not know. i was hoping people could help me. If i am given a clean bill of health, would i no longer be in the waiver process and just go to MEPS, or would they send me through the waiver process still? thanks for any help!

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    Re: MEPS Specialist

    It sounds like MEPS is sending you to get a consult from an orthopaedic doctor. This is a routine precautionary measure on the part of MEPS to make sure you're ok to enlist. The doctor will look over your records, ask you a few questions, and make you do a few tests and if you pass you'll be good to go. After that you'll probably still need the medical waiver but at least you'll have the good diagnosis from the consult on your side.

    Good luck.


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      Re: MEPS Specialist

      thanks for the response! i just wonder how much longer the process will take? It has been about a month since the "waiver" process has been started. Once i go to the doctor and get the all clear from him, i wonder how much longer the process will take. I had a timetable for when i would like to ship out, but it doesnt seem like it's going to happen at this rate.