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  • Your Experience Joining

    Hello all,

    This is my first post here; I've recently been considering joining the National Guard. I have yet to contact a recruiter though I plan to do so soon. Part of my consideration has been trying to figure out a timeline since I work full time and plan to return to school in the fall. My question is this: how long did it take you to enlist in the National Guard? For the sake of this question, I'm looking for time between your first contact with a recruiter and the day you arrived at Basic Training. I've searched the internet (and, briefly, this forum) but I haven't been able to find much with regards to this specific piece of information. I would especially be interested in how long it took you to get waivers, if your case required any.

    Thanks to all in advance. I've included some of my information below.

    A little bit about me and my situation:

    I am 25 years old and in moderately good physical condition - appropriate weight, can run 3 or 4 miles @ 9 min/mile pace, etc. I graduated with my BS in 2008 and will be returning for an MS this fall. The two things for which I might possibly need waivers are: a misdemeanor charge of Minor in Possession of Beer from 2004 and a broken femur that required surgery in 2003. I have a rod and three pins in my leg from the surgery though I also have medical documentation that they were there just to set the bone and that I could have them removed.

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    Re: Your Experience Joining

    Of course, every case is going to be different. For me, I went to a Active duty recruiter first, had to drop some weight, went to MEPS, and then had to be released from their future soldiers (or whatever) program for personal reasons. That meant that I was a really easy recruit to process for the National Guard recruiters. I just had to go back to MEPS to weigh in again, basically. I did have to wait 8 months for a training slot in my MOS to open up, but without that I would have been able to go in a few weeks.

    Met with a NG recruiter -> 2 weeks later went to MEPS -> 8 months of RSP -> OSUT

    I don't have any experience with waivers, and that process definitely seems to be different for everyone, so I won't even comment on that.
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      Re: Your Experience Joining

      From the first time i contacted a recruiter, till i ship to basic, will be exactly 11 months. But that is because I am 17, and in Highschool. haha Honestly, from some of the things ive seen with people having trouble getting in, i feel really blessed that i got in so error free. When i got serious and started doing paper work, i was at MEPS a week and a half later, and swore in later that day.. No snags or kinks.




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        Re: Your Experience Joining

        Originally posted by bojangleman View Post
        From the first time i contacted a recruiter, till i ship to basic, will be exactly 11 months. Alex
        I wish it was that short of time for me, I spent 6 years trying to get recruiters to submit a vision waiver and after I found one who would submit it, waited another 6 months for it to be approved...... Key thing is, it will take awhile, espicially since you'll probably need a waiver for your leg.. Anyway, keep on it and good luck..