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Med Waivers on Hold?

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  • Med Waivers on Hold?

    Ok, a little bit of background here:

    I'm a prior-service Marine reservist, I was discharged in 2004 for medical reasons. After graduating from college I decided that I would like to reenlist into the guard.

    I filled out my entire app on the PTH site, met with the recruiter, gave him copies of my med records, my discharge papers, and a statement outlining my situation.

    Well, I finally got a follow up with him today, and he basically told me that I would need a waiver, but he also told me that all waivers are currently on hold.

    Does anyone know how long the waiver hold will last for, and/or if there is anything that I can do to help my case?

    I basically feel like I am in reenlistment purgatory at this point, and I am hoping there is something I can do about it.

    Any input is appreciated.


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    Re: Med Waivers on Hold?

    that don't sound right, I would ask another recruiter


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      Re: Med Waivers on Hold?

      I'm a prior service Marine and have to get an RE waiver and my recruiter hasn't informed me that waivers are on hold. That doesn't make any sense. Not only that but I was just at MEPS yesterday and there was a ton of Guard applicants who were being processed for waivers as well.

      Honestly, I've never heard of any branch holding all waivers before. I've heard rumors that state A wasn't accepting waiver X (which unless you've done all your research can only be taken with a grain of salt), not an across the board halt to any and all waivers.

      If I were you I'd prod your recruiter a bit more and if don't seem to be getting any good answers start looking elsewhere, or ask for someone else in his office for varification. Be sure to be respectful and all that jazz too (I'm sure you're aware of this).

      Good luck.


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        Re: Med Waivers on Hold?

        never heard that a state is putting a hold on waivers, that they arent being accepted? sounds legit to me. GOOD LUCK THO! I'd still LF another recruiter to make sure that is the case, each state is different.