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  • Questions About Joining

    Hello, My name Is George Smith and I'm new to the National Guard fourm. In Dec 18th 2010, I completed my 2-year education at Bryant and Stratton College. My major is Interactive Media Web Design and my overall credits are 63. I wan't to join the NYARNG because I'm from Rochester, NY and I wan't to do something different in my life (and repayment of student loans hanging over my head). Last week I went to the clinic to check my blood pressure and the RN told me that my BP Is a LITTLE high. Question I want to ask you guys are this: 1:Can I qualify for higher jobs 2: Will the GI Bill cover most of my college expenses 3: What are the Blood Pressure Standards for the Army. P.S.: I also completed my GED from Bryant and Stratton College as well (24 credits on Sep 2010). Thanks very much

    -George Smith

    Completed college as of 18 December 2010.

    Will be recieving my college degree effective 3 June 2011


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    Re: Questions About Joining

    Hello George. Here we go with the skinny on your answers;

    1. If by higher jobs, you mean officer jobs, then you can begin a commissioning program with 60 credits, and work your way to becoming a 2LT.
    2. The base GI Bill will not cover your expenses, unless you live very sparsely. However you will have 100% tuition assistance, and you may be eligible for a "kicker" as well as any stipends that you may get for your commissioning program, such as ROTC. This can actually add up to a couple thousand dollars to use for college. After all was said and done, I was able to work all the way through to a bachelor's degree, having only the National Guard as my income, complete with no debt, and have a comfortable cushon to work with.
    3. Acording to the current regulations high blood pressure is defined as; "systolic pressure greater than 140 mmHg and or diastolic pressure greater than 90 mmHg confirmed by
    manual blood pressure cuff averaged over two or more properly measured, seated, blood pressure readings on each of 2 or more consecutive days."


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      Re: Questions About Joining

      SFC, you all are grave digging these threads. I LOVE IT!!