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    I have my first/last RSP drill before BCT tomorrow at Camp Fretterd MD. I am very confused on what I need to pack for the weekend. I have two different packing lists and I have read people's packing lists on here which include pillows and blankets. Neither one of my lists mentions anything of the kind. I was wondering if someone who has been to Camp Fretterd for RSP could give me a more accurate packing list for Fretterd. Thanks all!

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    Re: Camp Fretterd

    So I just got back yesterday from Camp Fretterd. The packing list really wasn't necessary at all. About 20 minutes after I arrived I was issued the RSP uniform and didn't wear civilian clothes again until I was back home. I don't really see a need for civies to be on the list because you won't wear them. If you are going to be there a while they will even issue you a set of ACUs. As for how the weekend went, I was in Blue Phase because I ship 20120109. Here is a rundown of what we did.

    Arrive and get issued uniform
    Head to PT site to do 1-1-1 test
    Personal hygiene and then Chow
    Classroom until dinner, we did the RSP checklist to make sure we were ready for BCT
    Dinner chow
    More classroom about BCT
    Barracks and Lights out

    0500 was wake-up call
    Back to the classroom around 0530 for the resilience class
    Chow at 0730
    Back to the classroom for the rest of the resilience class
    Barracks for maintenance and personal hygiene
    Got smoked because we messed up fireguard (nobody was awake from 2200 - 0030)
    Formation for AR session
    Battle hand off/graduation ceremony
    Get on buss to go home

    Overall it was a good weekend. I think it is a very helpful thing for people who will go to more than one drill. Even in my case I found the information about BCT nice especially since there were people who had just come back. They gave us the opportunity to ask them what to expect to help us better prepare. The Sergeant all seemed like pretty down to earth people in the learning environment. Overall, I think RSP is a great thing that the National Guard is doing and that it will help people a lot in their preparation for BCT.