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failing 1-1-1?

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  • failing 1-1-1?

    I only have to go to one RSP Drill before I ship out to Basic, what would happen if I were to fail the 1-1-1 PT test? Would my shipping date get pushed back?

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    Re: failing 1-1-1?

    I was in the same position. My PUs and SUs were great, but I clocked a 10:30 mile.

    The cadre and recruits will tell you that passing the 1-1-1 is a hard requirement for shipping, but when the blue phase ship briefing rolled around on RSP day 2, the DS announced that "as far as I know, everyone passed the PT test." I played specialist and kept my mouth shut. I'll be shipping on Monday.

    There's no way that the cadre failed to notice that I flubbed the run. Either they were cutting me some slack, or the 1-1-1 isn't really a hard requirement.

    Good luck to you.


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      Re: failing 1-1-1?

      You should be more focused on ensuring you do not have any issues with this aspect of the RSP, especially prior to Basic Training - as opposed to worrying about what happens if you fail... Do not fail, do not plan to fail, work hard to make sure you attain this goal. It would be unwise to think that you might be able to slip by under the radar...

      The job of a Soldier is far too important to have people who worry about failing as opposed to those who work to be successful as an individual and part of the Team.

      Talk to your RSP representatives or full time staff to inquire what thier protocol is for those that are not able to meet or exceed the minimum standard. If there is an issue they will be able to help direct you toward resources (if, and as, available) a path that will help you to improve and succeed. If you cannot ship due to inability to meet the basic physical fitness requirements, they will also (if they have not already) inform you of both thier, and your, options.
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        Re: failing 1-1-1?

        RSP Cadre needs to ship you to BCT. If they do not, they do not get credit for you as a recruit. Whether you pass a 1-1-1 or not you will be expected to perform to standard at BCT, so, as LRSU Dog stated, do not plan to fail. You should be blowing away the 1-1-1 and already working on your 2-2-2 by the time you ship to Basic Training. Do you go to school on the first day without a backpack, paper, pens/pencils and your class schedule? NO! Why should Basic Combat Training be any different? Go to school ready to perform. I saw this in exceedingly high amounts when I went to BCT. People just enlisted and partied it up until they went to Basic. They could barely run a mile without having to walk, barely do basic push-ups/sit-ups without groaning in agony. In short...they limited EVERYONE'S training. If the Drill Sergeants have to focus on you when you can't pass a 1-1-1, they're not focusing and helping those that can do even better. You owe it to your fellow soldiers, if not yourself to do the best you can. I don't want to come off as an AH but seriously...get ready for Basic Training. You'll cherish every moment you did when you get there.


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          Re: failing 1-1-1?

          I went to my first RSP last month. I was shocked that I was one of only 4 non-shippers who took the 2-2-2 instead of the 1-1-1 voluntarily. From what I hear unless the cadre needs you to so you can ship it is voluntary to take it. Even with 9 more RSP's before I ship I am encouraging those who were in red phase with me to take the 2-2-2 every month as I will. Because after all BCT is COMING! If you are in RSP I would most definitely take it seriously and make the most of it.

          2 cents from a cop who has been through 2 loooooong academies and wished I had spent more time prepping both times. Believe me I wont be making the same mistake with Benning.


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            Re: failing 1-1-1?

            You'll be worked plenty hard at Basic to meet Army standards. That said, preparation is something too few people put stock in. More people should prepare in advance so as not to become the focus of any DS in BCT. Trust me, once you become the focus -- they never leave you alone. In my case, I went from a 2-2-2 score of 140 (21 PU/18 SU/19:30) at BCT APFT 1 to a 2-2-2 score of 243 (55 PU/61 SU/15:14) at BCT APFT 4. Not a stellar PT score, but at 36 years of age I am happy with it. This year I am shooting for 270+.

            Should you prepare? Yes.

            Work now or work hard later. Either way, you WILL work.