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1st RSP - Red Phase

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  • 1st RSP - Red Phase

    Went to my first RSP, for those that are searching all over these forums trying to figure out that you'll be doin, here ya go.. All times are approximate.


    1000 - Issue Uniforms and anything else they need to give us
    1030 - First formation
    1100 - PT Test
    1200 - Personal Hygene
    1230 - Chow
    1300- Red phase goes to a classroom with cadre to be briefed on sexual harassment, equal opportunity, what you might run into in society, being proud of what your doing, etc. This was boooring.. (while we were in the classroom, all other phases went on a 2 mile road march to a training area and played paintball, they learned urban warfare, room clearing, etc.)
    1800 - Chow
    1820 - Back to the classroom to talk to Gold Phase Soldiers and to finish up any paperwork that we needed to get done
    2000 - Drill and Ceremony class with the Gold Phase Soldiers
    2200 - Lights Out
    0300 - 0400 - Fireguard


    0500 - Wake Up
    0530 - PT (this was a 2.5 mile Indian Run)
    0600 - Personal Hygene
    0630 - Return cots, uniforms if you were shipping before the next RSP
    0700 - Clean up armory
    0900 - AAR (sit in a room and do an evaluation on the weekend)
    1000 - Final Formation

    It was a fun weekend, you learn ALOT. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask.

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    Re: 1st RSP - Red Phase

    These are good posts. Moderators should make a section or a sticky post just for these because everyone's RSP is different.


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      Re: 1st RSP - Red Phase

      Originally posted by EOrsini View Post
      These are good posts. Moderators should make a section or a sticky post just for these because everyone's RSP is different.
      They would be good candidates for stickies if they were more broad (as opposed to copying a single drill schedule). Since like you just reiterated...every one will be different, so a general list would be more useful methinks.

      Anyone is welcome to create such a post, even open it to the floor for additional input. The mods can certainly assist in cleaning it up and making it a sticky.
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        Re: 1st RSP - Red Phase

        I agree, everyone's RSP seems to be VERY different. In general I am enjoying the posts, and comparing what everyone else is experiencing to what I am seeing.

        In general I see the following universal traits:

        Standing in formation
        Green/Gold phase members being used as PG/PL for Red/White/Blue phase members
        PT Test
        Lots of PT
        Death by Powerpoint (especially for Red phase) Including required videos on Suicide Prevention, Sexual Harassment, History of the NG/Army, etc, etc
        Some sort of Gauntlet/Shark attack/BCT DS Simulation
        Personal Hygiene
        Paperwork (Especially for Blue phase)
        Some sort of "Hands-on" training (Usually for White phase and up) depending on unit funds and cadre planning
        Battle Hand-off/RSP "graduation"/Promotion ceremonies depending on if any of those are happening that month
        Lots of stories from other RSP members and/or Cadre as time allows
        AAR of drill

        Things that are USUALLY different include:

        Start/Stop times
        Staying overnite
        Type of and amount of hands-on training
        Amount of meals/type of meals
        Uniforms - Issuing of and wearing of seems to vary an awful lot (something that surprises me more than the other things that are different)

        I think this would be a good starting point for what to expect at RSP, could use some help from other people, I've only been to RSP three times, and won't see any more until the end of the year...
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          Re: 1st RSP - Red Phase

          Great Post!! Thanks for sharing, everyone has a different view on things like this and its good to get a all around picture.

          ** If we Sticky every post that is requested then the first current post would be on the 3rd page. This is what the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) section is for, sharing experiences and questions.