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2nd RSP Drill Weekend - Weapons Training

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  • 2nd RSP Drill Weekend - Weapons Training

    APFT (minus the run due to ice / snow)
    Breakfast at DFAC
    Flu Shots (doens't hurt now? wait until after 200 overhead arm clappers )
    Weapons Training; M16 - SPORTS, sight picture, dime & washer drill, assembly / disassembly, simulators (range training and simulated field exercise / engagement)
    Dinner at DFAC (Steak & Potatoes!!)
    Saturday Night PT (yeeouch!)

    Lights out 2230
    Lights on 0550
    Sunday Morning PT
    90 Day Shippers Brief (I'm at 70)
    Barracks Clean Out / Counseling
    Return Home

    Good drill, excellent to get hands-on with the M16, I'd personally never held a weapon before and had never shot anything more than a pellet-gun in High School. The firing simulators were really something else, actual (modified) weapons hooked up to a sound / video / C02 System (provides recoil) - I had a hard time seeing some of the 'enemy' because I'm colorblind (no hope for infantry, if that's what it'd really be like I'd be a huge liability) with their camo. Chow was really good, made sure to stay extra-hydrated such to prevent early-fatigue. I think it was a little late in the year for flu shots but nonetheless chance favors the prepred immune system.

    68 days to BCT, FLW here I come, Hooah!
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    Re: 2nd RSP Drill Weekend - Weapons Training

    Look like you are on your way to becoming a fabulous soldier.

    Why corporal avatar?


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      Re: 2nd RSP Drill Weekend - Weapons Training

      I hadn't even noticed that, thanks for catching it, I'd meant to have it be the SPC logo, I enlisted as E4, didn't mean to be laying false claim - sorry!


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        Re: 2nd RSP Drill Weekend - Weapons Training

        Good posts!

        ...sight picture, dime & washer drill...
        And good times! We'd lay out in the prone for hours straight working on these, usually until someone fell asleep and we took a field trip to the tire pit. Haha.