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Still waiting to find MOS!San diego, CA

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  • Still waiting to find MOS!San diego, CA

    Hello everyone,

    So over the last couple months I finally decide to join the NG,I took the asvab and got a 51(was little hard, i havent been in school for over ten years).When I was at meps I didnt past the color vision test (I only pass RED/GREEN color test) .My recruiter said I could only do certain jobs.I was giving a list of jobs i could do with my vision problem. I was interested in 31b-mp(which was on my list).I even considered other job i could later on transition into if it wasnt available.13d,13b,13e,21e,etc...these jobs were available before i took the asvab,the day i come back from meps,my recruiter had logged in to pick my job, all the jobs were GONE! so he searched in other near by citys and still nothing come up! the only jobs that did pop up were jobs i didnt want to do for the next 6 years,88m,12n,42a....

    My recruiter said he would keep checking to see if a job may become available.

    So,now I'm waiting,hoping a job will become available in the area or near by citys !I call my recruiter everyother day to check in.I feel like I'm starting to bug him. What should I do?
    I wonder if he really is checking the system?
    I've heard bad storys about recruiters being lazy not doing there jobs?
    Should I call other NG recruiter?
    Any feed back would help! Thanks

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    Re: Still waiting to find MOS!San diego, CA

    This is your life, so no one will work harder at it than you. Your recruiter works with dozens of people, and some of them aren't as serious as you are. I recommend engaging him periodically in a friendly and professional manner. Don't be a pest, but don't wait passively either. In the meantime, talk to your recruiter about what you can do to prepare yourself -- study, physical training, hanging out at the office with him to learn, talking with other recruits, etc. Nothing significant happens without sacrifice.


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      Re: Still waiting to find MOS!San diego, CA

      Keep in mind, there may be no slots for the MOS that you want and may not be for awhile. Maybe you should broaden your horizons a little or just wait until something pops up that catches your eye. Don't pick something just to pick something though, you may only be doing that job one weekend out of the month but you'll be in training for close to 6 months if not longer for it and then there's deployments...