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  • Smp & sfas

    Hey guys,
    I'm an MSIII thinking about switching from Active Duty to SMP. I recently read an article ( stating that Cadets are now able to attend SFAS, SERE, and CDQC. Does anyone have any idea if these slots would be open to the National Guard?

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    Re: Smp & sfas

    These slots are for United States Military Academy and all of Army ROTC in general. They are very rare and usually reserved for only the top percentile cadets. As you read, there was only nine cadets that got SFAS slots. It would be a great opportunity, if you were offered one of these slots, but don't plan your career path on it.
    But unlike what was stated in the article, if you attend and pass SFAS, it is now only good for 3 years.


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      Re: Smp & sfas

      So if I understand this correctly after reading the article, a senior cadet can attend SFAS, SERE, and CDQC, then complete thier last year of college, get a commision, serve as a 2LT and then once they get promoted to CPT or are a senior 1LT they can then go to the officers Q course(assuming they were selected at SFAS)? Even after all that time has passed?

      On the enlisted side, if I were to get selected at SFAS how long would I have to attend the Q course? Could I go back to my unit for 2 years then decide I'm ready?


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        Re: Smp & sfas

        Usually, a cadet who is lucky enough to get one of those slots, will not attend all three. Its choose one of the three courses that may be available.

        If you try-out for SF in the Guard and pass SFAS, then you would be expected to continue the SF training pipeline with little or no breaks between training. If a SF Guard unit sends you to SFAS. They will expect you to be committed to the whole process and it would not go over well if you decided to take a break and continue some time later.

        SFAS for anyone else, but cadets, is only good for 2 years.