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Rep 63 Contract available to prior service?

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  • Rep 63 Contract available to prior service?

    Prior service NG here (E-5). I've had a 5 year break in service and tried reenlisting active duty into 18X but wasn't able to get an automatic grade reduction (E1-E4 for 18X).

    Is it possible with a 5 year break in service to reenlist in the National Guard and get a Rep 63 contract? I would really like to go through the whole pipeline instead of reenlisting in my primary MOS and then requesting SF in the Guard. Or at least be able to go through OSUT and jump school first. Any help/info is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Rep 63 Contract available to prior service?

    The REP63/18X contract is only available to non-prior service.

    In order to apply for Special Forces as prior service, the first step is to reenlist into the Army Guard, either under your former MOS or reclass to a new one available within the state. The second step is to meet the base requirements for SF: GT line score of 107 or better and a APFT of 240 or better in the 17-21 age (280-300 is ideal). The third step is to coordinate and schedule a SF readiness evaluation drill (SFRE) with an SF unit that is accepting applicants.

    For more information on this process or to get in contact with a SF recruiter, PM me or go to the the following webpage
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      Re: Rep 63 Contract available to prior service?

      SF Hunter,

      Thank you very much for the information in this thread and my previous thread. I have scheduled an appointment tomorrow with a SF recruiter in my state. I appreciate the help.