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18x enlistment option - effect on family

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  • 18x enlistment option - effect on family

    What would be the effect on my family if I chose to enlist under the 18x option? Right now I'm working with my recruiter to try and get an Active Guard slot at HAATS as a 15x (probably Delta or Papa), but I saw that at least as of this weeks vacancy list there are 18x slots available. I know that I could handle the training and would enjoy/love a lot of it, but what would the separation time be like during training (is it all total separation and I'm pretty much gone for the next 2-3 years, or can family come along for some courses)? What about after you're fully qualified? I'd love to go SF, but I can't just think of me, I have to think of my wife & kids too. I'm gonna serve my country & state one way or the other.


    Oh - and I'll be 29 in a coupla weeks, so for SF, the way I see it is it's either now or never.

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    Re: 18x enlistment option - effect on family

    Are you working with an Active Army recruiter?
    The Army National Guard does not have a true 18X contract in the sense of the word. Yes, there are possible options for non-prior service to enlist directly for Special Forces (REP 63) if you meet the requirements and you have met and interviewed with an SF recruiter.

    Family can only accompany you during the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC), due to the length of training. But even then there will be times that you will not be able to come home every night.

    Common family stresses in SF are the – Length of time the Soldier is away, Number of times the Soldier is away, Loneliness due to separations, Difficulties of communication (due to Soldier’s schedule), Difficulties maintaining relationships between fathers and young children, Transition times of leaving and returning and disruptions of routines, Inability to plan family vacations or activities when unscheduled deployments arise, Difficulties maintaining household finances.
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