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  • SF Drill

    What exactly would a Special Forces drill be like? It has to consist of all the required training for the year, that each ODA must undertake. But, SF units have to put in more than the one weekend a month right?


    CDT H

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    Re: SF Drill

    This is actually a great question. Looking forward to what SFHunter has to say....


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      Re: SF Drill

      Although it has been a few years since I was with 5/19 in Colorado - this is what I can offer on the subject. All drills were a MUTA 5, with some extending beyond that. There were always additional training time opportunities, however (pre-GWOT) no additional time to the current ARNG yearly schedules.

      That said, this is where things depart from needing the additional time -

      First, everyone i nthe unit knew thier job, always used thier own time between drills for physical training and professional development.

      second, at drills/AT there was a complete understanding of what needed to be done and how to do it - everyone was busy, but gear was alwasys ready to go prior to training, as soon as soldiers arrived they did not wait around for someone to tell them what to do - they just did it, got it done, and moved on to the next thing. When there was down time at drill or AT it was due to everything being in working order.

      third, the full-time staff were on top of everything, so admin issues did not interupt training, except where absolutely necessary (of course nothing can be perfect, but the fewer detractions the more focus on priorities can take place.

      Now, I have not been part of an ARNG SF unit during GWOT, so any changes/additions I cannot attest to. I can attest to working with some of the most Professional and Knowledgeable soldiers around who did not waste time...


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        Re: SF Drill

        That is a very well educated answer by the Dawg. I would like to add that all units are different, MUTAs are different and determined by the Training scheduled on the Yearly Training Calendar. No 2 Companies nor Teams are alike in most training situations. Not to sound harsh, but if someone is determining this career based off schedule infractions for training messing up a social calendar, you might want to pick a different MOS.