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SF Officers?

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  • SF Officers?

    Im a prior service 11B, with 1 deployment to Iraq. I was able to ETS early to finish college and now looking to go to OCS and get back in. I am honestly not liking what i see in most NG units in my area and not sure i am being taken seriously. I am trying to get into the June AOCS and have met alot of resistance despit my motivation and desire to commission and deploy ASAP. The infantry units in my area are a far cry from what AD was and i would like to progress my skills as a leader and attend Airborne and Ranger and doubt i will get that chance in any of these units.

    I planned on trying for SF once i deployed as an Lt. and got some PL time under me, however since running into constant bumps in the road i am wondering how to go about going through AOCS, IOBC/BOLC then SFAS? Is that even an option?

    I am very squared away, was a team leader in Iraq, GT score of 118, 105 Creds., and in good physical condition.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated as its getting down to the wire for June AOCS. Thank you!

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    Re: SF Officers?

    You probably won't know which OCS (AOCS or traditional) until you're already in the pre-Phase I drills. You should probably plan on attending the traditional program.

    Since you have such a strong dislike for the NG and you having to spend 4-5 years as a LT before you can even become eligible for promotion, maybe the NG isn't for you. There's no guarantee you'll get any of the schools you want.


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      Re: SF Officers?

      You cannot apply for Special Forces as a newly commissioned officer just out of BOLC.

      Officer Requirements

      Requirements for SFAS/SFQC/CMF18 Officers are:

      1. Must be male, minimum age of 20. No maximum age, based on individual evaluation.
      2. Must be in the rank of 1LT or CPT (0-2 or 0-3).
      3. Must have completed BOLC-A and BOLC-B and have been successful in your branch assignments prior to application for Special Forces (SF).
      4. Must have enough time remaining as a captain to complete SF training and serve a minimum of three years in an SF unit.
      5. Must have passed the APFT with a minimum of 270 points overall, with no less than 90 points in each event, using the standards for 17-21 age group.
      6. Must be able to swim 50 meters unassisted, while wearing boots and the Army combat uniform (ACU).
      7. Must have scored at least 85 on the Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) or have met USAJFKSWCS language school graduation standards on the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT), in an SF-required language (other than English).
      8. Must be able to meet medical fitness standards for Special Forces as outlined in Chap. 5, AR 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness. (Must have color vision)
      9. Must have a secret security clearance and be eligible for a top secret security clearance.
      10. Must not have any drug or alcohol related law violations.
      11. Must not have been terminated from Special Forces, Ranger, or Airborne duty, unless termination was due to extreme family problems.
      12. Must be a "resident" Maneuver Captains Career Course (MCCC) graduate, by the time of enrollment in the Special Forces Detachment Officer Qualification Course (SFDOQC). Normally, officers will attend the Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) before resident MCCC attendance. Candidates with other resident Career Courses, may submit a waiver stating that their Career Course and experience have adequately provided Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) knowledge.
      13. No officer, regardless of branch will be recruited if he is unable to reclassify from his current branch into Special Forces branch (CMF 18).
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        Re: SF Officers?

        Thank you for clearing that up for me. What about being a warrant officer in SF?
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          Re: SF Officers?

          Originally posted by 11Bflyer View Post
          Thank you for clearing that up for me. What about being a warrant officer in SF?


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            Re: SF Officers?

            Good response, follow Explosive Hazard's link.
            SF Warrant is an even longer path to attain.
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              Re: SF Officers?

              is there an age limit for officers who want to join the special forces?


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                Re: SF Officers?

                In short no, but with that said, if you are over the age of 35, then you would be expected to be in top physical and emotional shape and preferably already Airborne and Ranger qualified.
                Also see Officer Requirements above
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