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Aviation BOLC + Flight School

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  • Aviation BOLC + Flight School

    Hi all!

    So I was confused as to the entire pipeline for the aviation officer billet.

    What can a newly branched 2LT expect for the training timeline. I know there's BOLC, which comes before flight school, and that there's also SERE and some other stuff involved as well.

    I know there's a long time to wait before flight school, but I'm mainly looking at the training pipeline once you're actually down at Ft. Rucker.

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    Re: Aviation BOLC + Flight School

    BOLC - 7 weeks. SERE ~3 weeks, plus you have to be HOST (Helicopter Overwater Surivival Training) qualified before starting SERE, takes a day if you don't have any problems.
    Then for flight training - Aeromed is 2 weeks, Primary is 8 weeks, Instruments is 8 weeks, Basic War fighting skills is 4 weeks. For advanced airframes, it varies, as little as 14 weeks for the UH60 A/L track to I believe over 27 weeks for the AH-64's. I did UH60 A/L and it was 8 weeks contact/combat skills/instrument and 4 weeks night flights.

    There use to be large wait times in the bubble...errr...."training backlogs" but those are down to mere weeks now. I graduated a few months ago and I was at Ft. Rucker 13 months total, never had to wait more than 10 days in between phases of training.