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Any PAs here?

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  • Any PAs here?


    I am applying for PA school, and am told my background is very competitive. I plan to join the military after getting my license, and the Guard is one of the possibilities. I am overage for IPAP, the inter-service PA program, now; though I considered it a few years back. I am already an RN, but didn't like the fact that I could not apply for IPAP without joining the military first. In other words, my application could be rejected and I would still be on the hook for eight years as an army nurse, when I am determined to be a PA.
    Decided to pursue the physician assistant training as a civilian, then join.

    Trying to decide which service offers the best options for a PA. My goal is to be a BMO, battalion medical officer, and serve in the field if possible, as far forward where the action is, as possible. Nothing against fixed-base medical care, but I get plenty of that as a civilian. I know that at my age (40s), I'm not probably gonna kick down doors for a living, but within that limit, want as much action as I can get. What does the Guard offer, versus USN or reg. army or AF?

    Any recommendations from PAs on these boards, gratefully accepted.


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    Re: Any PAs here?

    Did you get your questions answered? I see your post is over a year old. I'm an ARNG PA (went to civilian PA school). Assigned to an infantry battalion. Healthcare is mobile, in the dirt stuff...I love it. The combat medics are great. Let me know if you want more info. I've been Army for 19 yrs, so cannot really comment on the other services.