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Cold Weather and ear pain.

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  • Cold Weather and ear pain.

    I'm curious if anyone currently in the NG has experienced this as well, and what they did to counteract it?

    For some reason I get this ear ache after aerobic exercise outdoors in cold weather, especially if there is wind with it.

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    Re: Cold Weather and ear pain.

    try putting cotton balls in your ears. it will keep the cold wind out. a beanie or ear muffs work too.


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      Re: Cold Weather and ear pain.

      wear ear muffs, a beanie, or put cotton in your ears. they will keep the wind out


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        Re: Cold Weather and ear pain.

        No offense to Steve, but am I the only one from further North or higher elevation that couldn't help but laugh just a little bit because of this post?

        I'm currently living where the winter climate is the warmest of anywhere I've ever lived, and even here there are days you can get an earache just being outside for any length of time ( 2 minutes) without a hat. Temp at morning run was a balmy 17F today, supposed to be 5F tomorrow.

        To be fair, the cold affects some peoples ears worse than others and the wind can make it worse in a big hurry. If you are talking about true cold, most beanies don't always do the best job keeping the wind out of your ears, but a good stocking hat will. The ache is just caused by your inner ear getting too cold, just like any other part of your body, just like if you've ever had to have your hands in ice cold water for any length of time.