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  • Anxiety???

    First off I would like to start off by saying I do not suffer from any anxiety disorders.

    About 5 or so months ago I visited my doctor because every once in a while I would get a little light headed, sometimes tired. Doc did some blood work and all that and came back and said I was 100% healthy, there was nothing to worry about what I was experiencing was probably just a little anxiety. Now my Doc percribed medicine for everything so leaving that day he sent in a No Refil 30 count of 0.5 Loreprezam I think it was (generic for ativan) and told me to just take one of those if I ever feel light headed or anything. Well to make this short I never had to take the pills or anything. All those symptoms went away (I've always been the type to worry about my health so when the doc told me everything was ok I assume it cleared my head of any bad things)

    When somebody from the guard called me and asked me more about the anxiety I was honest and told the truth, but they disabled my account due to medication and told me I wouldnt be able to join at this time. I feel that im being pushed aside for the wrong reasons because in no way do I suffer from anxiety or on any kind of medication.

    Another thing is, I just recently moved to North Carolina to be back with my family from St. Louis and when I try to get something from my doctor saying im fine they tell me that I will have to come into the office to get anything like that, they just cant send stuff out.

    So my question is what can I do? Can I just go see a local recruiter and just forget about the online application? Do I need to go see a local doctor here and have them check me out and get a paper from them saying that im 100% healthy and ready for the military? Thanks for any info!

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    Re: Anxiety???

    I am assuming you put on the application about the medication and that was how they knew about it and asked you? I would definitely go to a recruiter and explain your situation but I am sure they are going to want doctor's notes.


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      Re: Anxiety???

      My good friend is a cop and works in the applicant division of the NYPD. She says they ask veterans during the interview if they shot someone during a combat tour. The ones that answered yes are not hired. See where I am getting at?