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Not Sure About The Asthma??? HELP

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  • Not Sure About The Asthma??? HELP

    I Been Wanting To Join The Military For About 6 Years Now, however I Was Weighing 245 pounds being 5'5. I Went on A Serious Diet And Now I Am Weighing 176 5'6. I Am 22 years Of Age and A Female. This Is My Dream. I Have One Problem, When I Was 18 I Got Short Of Breath Im Guessing Due To Weight, but I Thought It was Asthma So I Went to My doctor And Told Them I Had Asthma. I WAS NEVER DIAGNOSED with it NOR DID I HAD IT WHEN I WAS A CHILD. My Doctor just gave me an inhaler. I Have Never Had A Problem Since. So Will I Be Able To Get In. I Really Want To Join And I Havent Come This Far To Give UP

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    Re: Not Sure About The Asthma??? HELP

    Don't bring it up and there will be no problems!


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      Re: Not Sure About The Asthma??? HELP

      You answered your own question, as you state you were never diagnosed with anything. You're not required to report your opinions.