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P90X VS TurboFire workout

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  • P90X VS TurboFire workout

    Turbo Fire Workout VS P90X , which is the better Fitness workout? This is sure to be an epic battle. If it is true that Turbo Fire is a cardio workout we will be able to do an apples to apples comparison on which is the better workout. Right now it is hard to determine what home workout system is the best between Turbo fire and P90X because they are so different.

    TurboFire is a total- body cardio-conditioning workout program with the best music and the best trainer, where you get the best spot in class. The upbeat music motivates you to dial up your intensity levels, doing kickboxing drills and aerobic exercises mixed with danca moves in a class setting. Your instructor is the highly sought-after, award-winning Chalene Johnson, creator of other successful programs like Turbo Jam and ChaLEAN Extreme. Anyone looking to achieve peak fitness levels can complete the TurboFire program in either 12 weeks, or 20 weeks with Advanced TurboFire Classes.This workout is said to be a cardio heavy workout. It is still in development so we will soon find out if weights are necessary. Even if weights are needed Chalene Johnson always puts out top quality workouts. Her workouts are often very popular with women, and her bubbly personality and cutting edge fitness techniques make her popular with everyone. So, Turbo Fire is coming and you are caught between lure of a cardio intense home workout program and the challenge of P90X. I cannot guide you one way or another because you are the one who will ultimately have to decide what fitness goals have a higher priority for you and which program will help get you there. My goal in this post is to help you compare Chalene Johnson’s new Turbo Fire program with Tony Horton’s P90X.

    P90X is primarily a strength training program designed for athletes. Although modifications can be done with most of the exercises, you will get the most out of P90X if you actually take the fit test and pass it before taking on the grueling routine of boot camp style fitness training.

    P90X has a lot of push ups and pull ups. You will do a variety of each one of them and develop a love/hate relationship with them over the course of 90 days. Ab Ripper X and Yoga X are probably the two most talked about workouts.

    Ab Ripper X is a challenging ab routine while P90X Yoga X is a 92 minute power yoga workout. Both of these workouts are difficult to complete even as you near your 90 day mark. Is it the suttle challenge of finishing that keeps you motivated to keep pushing play day after day? Afterall, each workout is about 55 minutes in length and you are working out six days per week.

    P90X is divided into three possible combinations. Most people choose the classic version and then, wonder why they did not lose a lot of weight. The “doubles” version follows the classic version but adds more cardio. The “lean” version on the other hand, takes out some of the strength training workouts and replaces them with more cardio. If you are doing P90X and want to lose weight, I recommend doing either the doubles or lean version. The added cardio will help you lose weight.

    If you are trying to lose weight for the summer, I think you will find your fastest results with a cardio intensive program such as Turbo Fire. Turbo Fire will be released on June 18th. I plan on starting the program myself on the first Monday after I receive it which will probably be the last week in June or first week in July.

    Strength training builds muscle and muscle burns more calories. Unfortunately, it is a slow process. If you want to see faster results as far as weight loss, cardio is essential. (Your nutrition plan is also critical, but that is another conversation.)

    When a person lifts weights, muscle tissue is damaged. The body tries to protect the muscle from further damage and to help it repair by surrounding the damaged tissue with fluid. This is a necessary process that may actually cause you to gain a little weight when you first start lifting. So many people get discouraged and say a program is not working because they do not understand the process their body is undergoing.

    When you feel discouraged, don’t give up. Please use the Beachbody message boards and take advantage of the free coaching and fitness tools that are available to you. Remember that as you change, your goals may change.

    I am currently working out with ChaLean Extreme and absolutely love the program. I have cuts in my arms and shoulders now. I can see ab muscles. My legs are not where I would like them yet, but I am even starting to see muscle definition there. Now, it is time for me to lean down. To peel off a layer and see what is hiding underneath that last layer of stubborn fat that seems to stay with me no matter what I do.

    I am looking forward to Chalene’s High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I know it will feel like boot camp or athletic drills. I hear some of the classes are only about twelve minutes long. I also understand that this type of training is actually nine times more effective than traditional cardio workouts.

    I know I will struggle to get through each workout but completely elated when I do. I know more positive changes are around the corner for me. I am ready for a cardio intensive workout program for the summer. What about you? I can hardly wait to write my reviews as I work through my first Turbo Fire program.

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    Re: P90X VS TurboFire workout

    It sounds like you're advertising for the Turbofire. and HIIT programs...

    That said, muscle mass is the fastest, surest way to **** body fat itself. Abs aren't aparent because you have a layer of fat in front of them. Easiest way to remove that fat is via bulking the muscles in your abs, and burning more calories than you eat. That's very basic.

    The main reason I do not recommend anykind of these tv programs, or workout movie programs, is largely because the primary focus of them is advertising product without result, and gaining profits in the name of fitness.

    Hence how so many programs specifically state for you to take protien drinks and other garbage like that, when they dont' discuss the fact your body can become dependant on that drink everyday. They don't discuss diets to the point where you naturally know hwere to get your protien sources (dairy products, cheeses, etc), or where to get your carbs (vegetables, whole grain/wheats) or your fibers and vitamins (fruits).

    And quite frankly, personally doing either program, I wasn't amused. The central focus has no basis on occupational fitness, nor general life fitness. In a lot of cases, particularily in the turbofire sessions I did, they were inconsistant as far as a routine goes, and were inconsistant as far as a stable base of beginner to expert level. P90X I found similiar, they really aren't very solid of programs, and their dietary advice, focuses far too heavily on supplements you should be getting naturally from your normal diet anyway, and seemed to focus more on advertising specific products and lines of products vs actually focusing on YOU, the trainee.

    And quite frankly, I know of a couple personal trainers who are not amused at all concerning P90X or TurboFire based on the structure and establishment of their programs. The fact they even charge such high rates of money for the program(s) speaks volumes towards their quality. Which for the price, didn't seem that good.

    At least Crossfit has a solid program, hardly advertises products at all, and provides workouts for free. Fact of the matter is, unless a person is specifically working in the position of a personal trainer, and hired specifically as a personal trainer, they shouldn't be charging money to advertise exorsizes anyone can just find on the internet.

    What I've seen and experienced so far with the programs like those mentioned, is that the exorsizes aren't original, and in fact, it's just a matter of how they tied workouts to muscle groups per disk. If you want to focus dominantly on cardio, you don't need to spend $100-300+, you can run or swim for free....