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Medical Red Flags?

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  • Medical Red Flags?


    I am interested in enlisting in the Army National Guard in the near future, but I am concerned that my medical history will permanently disqualify from doing so.

    I underwent a psychiatric evaluation in 2007, and the clinician said that I tested positive for Adult ADHD but negative for childhood ADHD, but in her estimation it was not a certainty that I had ADHD at all. As consequence, because my chief complaint was concentration problems, she prescribed Welbutrin instead of a more traditional ADHD medication (e.g. Aderall). I stopped taking the medication after about 2 months because the symptoms subsided, and I no longer take any medication nor do I experience concentration problems.

    Furthermore, 5 months ago, this year, I visited an urgent care facility after experiencing severe right upper quadrant abdominal pain. The physician assistant attributed my symptoms to a gallbladder disorder. An ultrasound confirmed that my gallbladder was swollen, but it was not certain if I had stones. A surgeon suggested having my gallbladder removed as an option, but I elected to not have surgery because I have been asymptomatic for 5 months now.

    Having said that, would my medical history permanently disqualify me from enlisting ? With respect to my gallbladder, would electing to NOT have surgery be a problem? I would appreciate any feedback.