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Injury possible pushback ship date?

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  • Injury possible pushback ship date?

    I'm in need some information regarding an injury I have sustained that could interfere with my training at Basic.

    The injury happened about a month ago while I was out running and got into an accident. Long story short I got xrays done on the left side of my chest and was told I had fractured my fourth rib and done significant amount of damage to my shoulder. My doctor told me that I could have either bruised or torn my rotator cuff but would need to get an MRI for a more detailed report on the damage. Sadly enough I am under no insurance and this has been, knock on wood, my first serious accident. They ranged an MRI scan anywhere from $500-$1000, so it will take me some time to earn enough money to get that done.

    Well I gave all my medical papers to my Recruiter and spoke with my Sargent at MEPS. My recruiter is saying worse case scenario that they will push back my ship date (I leave October 3rd to FLW) but my Sargent is saying that it's not guaranteed.

    Since the accident I have been working out on my own to strengthening my shoulder without straining it. I can do everything anyone asks of me except pushups. Now I may be able to do the 3 in order to pass the PT but any more and I'm feeling a sharp pinch and pressure.

    Guess my question comes to this, if I don't get granted a push back on the ship date, will my Sargent still send me to basic or am I looking at a chance of discharge due to my medical condition at the moment?

    Any advice would be great! Thank you!

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    Re: Injury possible pushback ship date?

    My apologies. Not Sargent at MEPS, but my Sargent at Drill.


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      Re: Injury possible pushback ship date?

      I've heard you can sign up for Tricare Reserve Select (health insurance for Guard members) after you enlist. For a single soldier it's about $50/month. That would definitely help take the brunt of any medical costs you may run into. Give them a call to find out if you're eligible- I kept my company insurance until my ship date for BCT but my recruiter said I could use it prior to basic if I wanted to.


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        Re: Injury possible pushback ship date?

        You can be pretty sure if you brought this up to them than they already pushed your ship date further out. They will not risk you not healing and being unable to ship out as scheduled.


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          Re: Injury possible pushback ship date?

          I wasn't aware that I qualified for that insurance. I thought it was after Basic that I was eligible. I will definitely look into that.

          Thank you!