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Spinal cord Question

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  • Spinal cord Question

    So I have had a fusion done on my neck. Plate screws and pins. And I still have a lot of back issues numbness in my arms severe pain in my neck and arms. So I was wondering if anyone would know what my options would be if I got a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my back. I am just looking for some help. I have to drive 350 miles one way for drill every month because I cannot transfer because of the medical issue with my back. Any help Please.

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    Re: Spinal cord Question

    What you will need to do is first follow up with your doc on what is going on with the procedure and follow-on treatments. If this was due to an LOD injury, then obviously you need to make sure your unit has all the current paperwork regarding treatments, procedure, etc so they can update the state medical officer/manager.

    As to implants, you may need to reference the regulation on medical boards and medical fitness for duty to see what the "black and white" say... I am very sensitive to the back injury thing, as I am dealing with one from military training. Depending on yur injury, if it was civilian or military related, and what the ARNG will allow, my best guess/opinion would be that a "stimulator" or other regulatory implant may be a medical disqualification. This is something that your state's med manager can help to clarify, as long as he/she has all of the correct and current information to work with in your case.

    As to medical transfers, you can talk to yor unit about split-training if it is an option until you get your medical issues cleared one way or the other, but you are kind of stuck until then (unless the state will approve a transfer based on your situation, MOS, etc...)
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      Re: Spinal cord Question

      I do not know much about your situation, but as a word of advice save every single piece of documentation you have regarding this. If it happened during duty especially for disability so that you can collect and cover yourself. No I do not have experience, more like just sharing general knowledge from buddies who collect partial disability.