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Will Acid Reflux get you discharged?

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  • Will Acid Reflux get you discharged?

    I am asking on behalf of a high school student, will acid reflux get you discharged if you have enlisted and not yet attended BCT?

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    Re: Will Acid Reflux get you discharged?

    you will need to receive a waiver ... reflux is GERD gastro esophogital reflux disease - which is a PDQ. You need to get the recruiter all your med docs and a letter from the doc saying that you will not have an issue with it in IET, he/she will send that up to the NGB for waiver request - mine took 2 weeks for it and the following week i swore in dec 2 2010. i was sent home on ship day 2009 from previous enlistment because recruiter didn't request waiver even though MEPS had documentation. do yourself a favor and convince the doc to see you and write a positive recommendation that he/she sees no reason why you wouldn't be physically able to complete military duty - or if MEPS don't know about it already, don't say ANYTHING. I think the whole purpose of the waivers is to not hold the Army liable or accountable for prolonged irritation or injury from a prior known injury or disease, and since mine wen't through i don't think you'll have an issue.