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Shipping 22JUN2011 - a couplequesitons

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  • Shipping 22JUN2011 - a couplequesitons

    As the title says, I'm going to basic, well, very soon.
    I have a few questions to go with it.

    What exactly happens to cell phones?
    I've heard that you actually keep them through Reception but I seriously doubt that happens.
    Do they take it for safe keeping?
    should I bring my charger as well?

    Is the 4th of July considered an off day? Or does training progress as usual?

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    Re: Shipping 22JUN2011 - a couplequesitons

    Bring it with some point they will take it from you, at some point they will give it back. If you bring it, bring your charger too or else you just have an expensive paper weight when they give it back. Every cycle can be different so no one can give an exact answer on what your situation will be like.


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      Re: Shipping 22JUN2011 - a couplequesitons

      Bring your phone and a charger, as the RSP NCO mentioned. Every cycle is different and every reception area is different - we had different companies going through reception and some were allowed to keep their cell phones, some were not. At Benning they gave our cell phones back to us when we shipped down range and the cadre at BCT took them back from us immediately upon getting there.

      July 4th is a holiday, but it will likely have no impact on your schedule down there. Plan to work through it.

      Good luck and have fun.


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        Re: Shipping 22JUN2011 - a couplequesitons

        Bring phone, charger, and calling card - hope to use them but don't expect to use them. We got a 2 minute phone call when we phased to white, and then intermittent use of our cell phone(s) the week before graduation, but that was it. Some companies had them every weekend, but I think they were worse off for it, the more you hear from home the more distracted you are from training and the more time seems to drag. Your mission is to train, the fastest way home is to graduate, no exceptions - we had a guy quit the first day and he was guarding bags while we graduated.