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    Re: Showers..

    Group showers were an absolute riot (in a funny way) in our barracks (the old WWII style) - invariably someone will start calling cadence and it's all downhill from there. 2nd Platoon actually had a 'dance' that a couple of the wise*** guys made up to accompany the Company Cadence that somehow the DS's got wind of and before graduation made them demonstrate it much to their embarassment during the skits before graduation (with clothes on obvioulsy).


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      Re: Showers..

      Originally posted by RedLeg View Post
      Really? Stop acting like a private.

      OP, the few places that still use open showers usually means nobody has time top stop and look at your junk.

      On the postive note, open showers means less you have to clean.
      Mike2K brought up a legitimate issue. The way he said it was wrong! But nevertheless it's still a real issue.


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        Re: Showers..

        We had a ivy leauge phd chaplain, that refused to shower. He had one set of ACU's also. If you went to the dryer and found one uniform, you could tell he'd be clean the next day.

        It was hilarious, except for the people that had to sit beside him. Good guy, I love him but just couldn't sit near him.

        He was preaching a sermon once and was doing a hand gesture and he didn't realize it but he was flipping us all off. We were out in the field, I saw it first and busted out in giggles.

        It's people like that, who make training memorable.