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Morning PT at Ft Benning

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  • Morning PT at Ft Benning

    I've scoured the forums for any information on this, and Google only offers me up information from the late 80's (of which I was 5, when this information came out.) I'm 5 days out from shipping to Ft. Benning for Basic and I bad about going some place and not knowing about what I'm getting into. Now that you're done laughing about me going to Basic and hating not knowing what's coming, what is morning PT like at Benning? I'm expecting muscle failure and to wish I didn't have Abdominals or Arms at the end of each day, but I'm curious about the run in formation. I'm running 2.5-2.75 miles every other day, with exercises to fill in the off days. Am I on track? Or am I way behind and over my head?


    Oh, and I'm going in as a 25 B (Information Systems Operator-Analyst)

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    Re: Morning PT at Ft Benning

    Hello afterdarkart. Glad to hear you're going to Benning. Sand Hill is a great experience from June-August. The heat welcomes you outside all times of the day!

    Morning PT at Benning really depends on your company and your platoon. I went through as an 88M and was assigned to 4th PLT, C 2/47 (Panthers never quit!). For us it was pretty straightforward. Prep drills every day, with focus on different areas following (hip stability drills, etc), followed by run PT three days a week, and in the off-run days we focused on upper body and core.

    If you are running 2.5-2.75 miles then you are right on track for Alpha or Bravo Ability Group runs. Just remember that your goal throughout BCT should be to constantly improve. Formation runs, or 'Company Run' days, are challenging for those runners in Charlie and Delta ability groups. These are fun if you are a solid runner.

    Sounds like you'll be just fine.


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      Re: Morning PT at Ft Benning

      Don't stress yourself out about it. Running 2.5-3 miles every other day is ok depending on the pace. It would have been beneficial to get at least a 4-5 mile in every week or every other week but you should be just fine regardless. Morning PT isn't what is going to ****, it's all the PT you do between morning PT sessions lol!


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        Re: Morning PT at Ft Benning

        I loved Benning. It was one of the best experiences of my life (and I went in at 35). I have 3 words of advice that will get you through every PT and smoke session: Embrace the ****!