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Re-classing to different MOS after Active Duty ETS to Reserve/NG Component

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  • Re-classing to different MOS after Active Duty ETS to Reserve/NG Component

    Hi everyone, hopefully someone will be able to help me out here although this is kind of a complicated situation. Currently I'm an active duty Soldier who will ETS in 6 months and complete my required reserve/NG afterward. I signed my original contract under the Chapter 33 (3x3 program) where I had to do 3 years active then 3 years in a reserve component (however I must retain my MOS unless there are no slots in a reasonable distance). I'm a 13M right now, but that limits me to National Guard when I switch over... I am really interested in re-classing as a 42A (since I've done that for the last two years).

    So here are my questions:

    1) Since I have clear documentation from schools and training that my job primarily revolved around 42A work, although I've been assigned as a 13M for the last two years could that somehow get me into a 42A slot in the reserve (even if I won't be MOS-Q)?

    2) Assuming I have to go back to AIT, is there a different class that I would take or would I go to the typical 42A school at Fort Jackson?

    3) I've been looking around the net to try to find the length of 42A school and I've had conflicting info... I've read anywhere from 4 weeks (2x2 wk phases) up to 10 weeks. Anyone have a correct answer?

    I really would appreciate if someone could help me out. I've talked to my reserve counselor on post and they need to make some calls once they see my contract. I've learned the importance of educating yourself as much as possible in order to have complete control over your career, so that's what I'm trying to do! =)