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Trouble picking MOS...

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  • Trouble picking MOS...

    Okay so Im between 31B , 68W , and 11B......IF anyone has information regarding these MOS , Pros n Cons , futures after BCT and AIT...stuff like that would really help out in making my decision.

    Im a medic in Civilian Life. but dont know if i go 68w that i will learn anything different than what i already know. I like to the whole aspect of special forces and would like to end up there one day. 31B is also a choice i have been looking at cuz i desire to become a detective one day and maybe tjhat would help out. although, its not the same it might look better on paper. 11B where it all starts...from here i hear there are endless possibilities and you can move up in rank rather quickly.

    so my frustration is getting the best of me cuz i will be leaving early november 2011 and need to get this job selected ASAP so research and some advice with a little personal experience wouldnt hurt. so please ramble on cuz i need the assistance.

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    Re: Trouble picking MOS...

    If you're worried about 68W....your AIT is going to be at least a year long for it. Think about that. You can go infantry, take a combat life saver course (I don't know if you can be per-certified for these...anyone know?). Look it up. It's a week long. Every infantry company sends people. Being a subject matter expert in those tasks, you would be a great asset to your unit.

    With government money being tight, the best chance of getting into any highspeed having the preferred MOS. It's not impossible to take them with others, but you need as much ammunition as you can get.


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      Re: Trouble picking MOS...

      Originally posted by ArmyMedic View Post
      31B is also a choice i have been looking at cuz i desire to become a detective one day and maybe tjhat would help out.
      100% Irrelevant. Take that thought process out of your deciding factors. It will mean exactly zero. Military service, is military service.

      With one exception,.....If you are in a state with 31D mos, then choose 31B and try change to 31D after two years.


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        Re: Trouble picking MOS...

        Okay took it out! Can u go 18x right off the bat in the guard? How long will I be away through AIT? Is there more money in special forces?