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MOS 68X and fitness

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  • MOS 68X and fitness

    I am about to enlist in the Guard and am hoping to get 68X as my MOS. Can anyone give me a break down of the training for this job?

    I also heard to not "over-train" yourself, especially in the cardio sense, because you are more prone to injuries...Suggestions for training?

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    Re: MOS 68X and fitness

    Can't elaborate much on the 68X MOS myself but I can tell you a little about the 68 series of MOS. Your AIT will probably be at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. Great place to be, very high-tech and modern installation with a lot being added to accomodate the majority of the DOD Medical structure (Naval, Air Force, Army, etc.). You'll probably be given overnight passes but don't take that liberty too far and screw it up by getting drunk, being late to formation, etc.

    In terms of the training, focus on Basic Training first. I've never heard of too much cardio being too bad for you, but if you overdo your training regimens then you increase the probability that you'll get hurt and then you're in a world of you know what. Get in shape enough to pass the APFT with a decent score. You don't have to and you aren't expected to max out everything before you get there. BELIEVE ME you will get in shape during BCT, more than you ever wanted to and you'll improve but get to a solid foundation point where improvement=success. Good luck.