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Automatic Promotion in AIT?

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  • Automatic Promotion in AIT?

    I am an E-1 IET soldier in AIT. I've been in a little less than 7 months (BASD) and was under the impression that after 6 months E-1's were automatically promoted. I asked a platoon sergeant about this and she asked (messing with me, not trying to hassle me) where I heard that from. I told her I read it in my IET booklet from basic. She asked if it cited the AR. It didn't, but I looked it up and it states..

    "c. HRC–Alexandria (unit CDR for troop program unit (TPU), except Soldiers on initial active duty for training (IADT)) will—
    (1) Automatically promote Soldiers to the grades of private E–2 (PV2), private first class (PFC), and SPC upon
    attainment of the required time in service (TIS) and time in grade (TIMIG) requirements established in this regulation." -AR 600-8-19

    It's worded a bit funny, but it looks like it's saying IADT soldiers (me) can't get promoted automatically.
    Is this correct, or am I misreading something?

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    Re: Automatic Promotion in AIT?

    You will not be promoted until you return to your unit. That is my understanding (which could be wrong).


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      Re: Automatic Promotion in AIT?

      Per AR 600-8-19
      "Active Army CDRs will promote Soldiers serving on active duty during IADT."
      "The promotion to PV2 requirement is 6 months TIS."
      It's my understanding that advancement to PV2 is automatic. Someone has to do something to stop it from happening.


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        Re: Automatic Promotion in AIT?

        Ok I think I have this straightened out. It looks like it's saying that HRC will promote everyone automatically, but the Commander will promote TPU Reserves as long as they aren't on IADT. So HRC will handle their promotions as well?
        Makes a little more sense. I think I'll ask a Sergeant about it today.
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          Re: Automatic Promotion in AIT?

          I believe you will be promoted the night before your battle hand off ceremony (if your RSP does one) when you return from AIT.