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Taking my POV to AIT in Ft. Eustis?

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  • Taking my POV to AIT in Ft. Eustis?

    I plan on having my wife bring me my POV at BCT Grad in June 2011 am heading straight to AIT at Ft. Eustis for 26 weeks. Is it true that if your AIT is longer than 20 weeks you are allowed your POV? Has anyone been to Ft. Eustis and taken their POV? Were you prior service? Anyone else on here a 15Y?

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    Re: Taking my POV to AIT in Ft. Eustis?

    I have no idea. But I think that's crazy lol. You're still a trainee... I don't see how they could let you use a POV. Usually there's cabs to get you everywhere you need to go. POV's give you a freedom that most people won't have. but maybe the powers that be changed it up! Someone should be able to give you a def. yes or no


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      Re: Taking my POV to AIT in Ft. Eustis?

      That's a big NEGATIVE to POV at Ft. Eustis. For starter's IET soldiers aren't allowed to operate a vehicle. Secondly, there isnt really anywhere to park it. What is your MOS? If you are in aviation, the 1/222nd barracks area has a parking lot, but its completely full every day with permanent party vehicles. Aside from that, if your car is at all nice and youd like to keep it that way, I wouldn't want it there anyway because people walk everywhere and the risk of vandalism is very high. As 1LT says, there are tons of cabs and a bus runs on the weekends to both Newport News and Hampton Roads and its only $1.50 each way. You're just a slave to the bus schedule. the cabs are there 24/7, but a simple ride to the mall and back will cost you about $40 round trip and that's to Newport News.
      Also, on a side note, be prepared to not be able to use a CamelBak. Battalion just axed those a few weeks ago because people were sneaking in contraban inside them. Gotta love your Battles...they ruin it for everyone.
      Good Luck.