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  • 15 G info

    i have tried looking out for information from poeple who are 15g's but for months now ...and apart from a few posts on web ...i havent been able to find any real info on how the ait is....what is the plan after the coursework is the barracks at ft.eustis are.......

    one thing i heard is.....15g has the highest failure rate ??? close to 60 % is this true ?

    are there any additional perks in being in aviation or 15g ????

    if there are any 15g's out there.......

    it wud be great if you could share some of your expereince/tips/guidance

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    Re: 15 G info

    I was a 15G Failure. But I'll break down what I do know.

    I was in Delta Co but now I believe 15Gs goto Fox Co and have no clue how nice the building is. I PERSONALLY cleaned out Fox's barracks back when they were non-existent and that building looked ROUGH.

    15G is broken down into 6 Committees aka Parts they are about 2.5-3 weeks long.

    1st is like basic maintenance guidelines, what to do around aircraft, what not to do. Learn your basic tools, etc. You get issued your tool set. It's all power point and is a real snoozer.

    2nd is basic skin repair. You bend/cut metal, make "patches", etc. This is when you really start doing work. This is when people start failing. I did.

    3rd is rivets. You learn how to attach those patches to the aircraft view rivets. Much easier as you just have to learn how things are fastened to one another. I made it to here.

    4th I cant think of the exact name but involves more advanced techniques of skin repair. You will use more advanced techniques to further bend, cut, replace, patch metal. Some have difficulty with this I hear. Never made it this far.

    5th is comprehensive repair. This is everything you've learned so far combined into one. This is where the majority of everyone fails.

    After passing 5th committed there is 2 weeks of field training. This comprises of basic warrior tasks and battle drills. You kick it on the fob, re-qualify on the M16(EST), etc. Once complete you will head back to school for the rest of your training.

    6th is rotor repair. This is fixing the rotor blades, most people compare it to like a mini art class, as it involves "glue" and lightweight materials. Never made it this far so can't say.

    What stinks so much about 15G is that it's like math it builds upon itself, so if you fail one part you have to start all over again. That's why so many people wash out. It took me 6 months to get where I got. I was not going to wait 6 months to get to the exact same spot I was in. There are also limited(or at the time) instructors so classes are small. Like 12 or so students. They were trying to resolve that at my time but never did. It may be slightly better now. If it has not improved you will not graduate on time. Like I said it to me 6 months to pretty much get in school and fail. When I finally did get an MOS at Leonard-Wood my original class from Fort Eustis didn't graduate until a month before I did! So it was a 7 months before they graduated. So if your wife and/or children are expecting you back in a few short months tell them don't get their hopes up. But if you are there that long you will get holidays off where you can catch a flight home, such as Easter, Independence Day, etc.

    Ft. Eustis is about the best AIT you can goto honestly. They treat you like you slightly have a brain. The DFACS are pretty good and if you've never lived in a major coastal city you will enjoy the city life. You won't get that at too many other schools from my limited experience. I was from that area so it was even better for me. I had my car, but only because I lived down the street from the base. I didn't hang out with my battles, I went back and hung out with old college buddies/high school friends on the weekends, which was a good motivator for me. But I HEAVILY advocate that you don't try it!

    If standards are still the same, you will take a real APFT upon arrival to Eustis. I know in some BCT you only have to do 50% to pass but in AIT it's 60%. If you fail you cannot go on weekend pass. Different companies have different requirements for pass status. When I first got there it was 6 weeks plus pass the APFT. To stay out overnight you had to have 70% or higher. Eventually it was just pass the APFT. 1-222 really pushes PT as when you get to your units manual labor and PT isn't really big with aviation units(which is why they are so resented by other branches in the Army). So if you're not good at PT I would definitely jump on it.

    But really, enjoy your stay. Even though I failed out, my fondest military memories(the few that I have) came from Eustis.


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      Re: 15 G info

      balls055, how'd you make out? I leave May 1st for BCT then straight to Eustis for 15G. Any advice?