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Help! Thick Hair Woes, Right Before Basic! Ladies, Advice Please?

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  • Help! Thick Hair Woes, Right Before Basic! Ladies, Advice Please?

    Let my start by saying, I'm extremely excited to begin basic and serve my country!

    Now, I have extremely thick hair, about twice the density of most women. It also grows very fast--about twice the speed of normal hair, at one inch a month. As in, I donate to locks of love once a year (12 inches). I am also not vain about it though--I hate it, and if I could, I'd shave myself bald before bootcamp, but I know that is a bad Idea, capital B capital I. So I have no issue cutting it, or doing whatever it takes to serve my country!

    My question for you is this: what is better? I could cut it into a simple bob

    or bowl cut

    (Take an inch off the bangs in your mind, and replace the fancy colors with a natural brown)
    ...but then I risk the very real chance that my hair will grow out of the cut so fast that I'll have the DI's in my face about it within a month. If I get it cut short (but not faddish) will I have a chance to hit the barber on base without cutting into training time? Or inciting the rage of my DI's? And before you tell me they'll make a mess of my hair if I get it cut at basic, I know, and IDK, it's just hair! It'll grow back, and becoming an officer is very worth it.

    The other option is to leave it long, and sock bun it, but I'm concerned that because it's so thick, it'll fall out of the sock bun during training. I am a former gymnast and dancer, and have tried every "long" pinned-above-the-collar style under the sun (judges are like DI's in that regard). The only thing that ever worked for me when it was long was to double french braid it tight to the head and then dip my whole head in hair gel, which would take two hours and lots of pain to do before every competition, and even then it'd come undone by the end of the bars routine.

    Help! I'll shave it if I have to, but I'd rather not be singled out for being faddish. I'd ask my recruiter, but he's a dude.

    WWNGFWD? (What Would National Guard Forum Women Do?)

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    Re: Help! Thick Hair Woes, Right Before Basic! Ladies, Advice Please?

    How did this go? i know this question is old.. but what did you end up doing? I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM...