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    They told me to report to the armory Monday and I would be taken to some Fort, and then the next day go to another Fort, and then would ship Wednesday to Ft. Leonard Wood for MP OSUT training. I'm worried about weighing in. I can make weight like, if I don't eat anything the whole day before, but I'm normally about 2 pounds over my limit, and my weight fluctuates a lot. When will I do my official weight to know that I'm shipping? Do they just do it at MEPS right before you go or will it matter at reception too? I'm not sure if I can pass a tape test. They told me I passed weight at RSP drill but from the chart I saw, I really didn't. I can pass the PT test no problem.

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    Re: shipping soon

    Originally posted by tko333 View Post
    Ft. Leonard Wood for MP OSUT training
    Death before dismount. MPs lead the way.
    BTW: Don't worry about the 2 pounds.


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      Re: shipping soon

      Yeah, really dont worry about it. I'm heading to the same place in september and was right at the borderline for the maximum acceptable weight. what I did at MEPS was have very minimal to eat and just enough water so i'd be able to take a urinalisys (don't starve yourself entirely tho). By doing that and making my hotel shower room into a sauna, I was able to loose 3 pounds without a problem. Since that little extravaganza at MEPS this past week, I've lost a whopping 7 pounds now by eating right and keeping myself super-hydrated! Just don't panic about it and you'll be fine :] good luck!