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Basic Training - What you wish you knew/questions

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  • Basic Training - What you wish you knew/questions

    Hey all,

    I ship out on the 21st of next month.. Starting to get nervous! I have a question or two and I was hoping you guys that just got back (or the guys that have been in a while) could tell me the one thing or things you wish you knew before you shipped out.. I'm going to FLW..

    Here's some questions that I'm looking for.

    Whats your schedule like? Im not looking for a day to day.. I mean how much time do you have for chow, how much time for personal hygene, what time do you wake up, what time is lights out, how much personal time do you have at night before lights out..

    When does it get better? The first two or three weeks *****, bad.. When does it stop sucking so bad?

    My MOS is 12Y.. Im looking on some info for my AIT. If you know anyone with the MOS or anyone thats been to Ft. Belvoir, I would love to contact them..

    The most important one is, What do you wish you knew before you shipped out..

    I know this is ALOT.. Any answers or input would be great.. Thanks everyone!
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    Re: Basic Training - What you wish you knew/questions

    Cant answer your questions personally BUT i also will be shipping to FLW.
    but i watched this Video and it helped answer a great deal.

    Good Luck!


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      Re: Basic Training - What you wish you knew/questions

      I went to basic for 11b at Benning so my experience may differ slightly from yours.

      The entire company was formed up, fed, and back in the bay within 30 mins. The first week or two this time will seem like less. You'll definately get all the food you need. Drink water.

      Morning hygeine varied for us by platoon. We were up at 0400 for hygeine and bay maintanence before first formation at 0530. 2nd PLT slept until 0445 or 0500. Lights out was at 2100. "Personal time" is pretty non existent for the first few weeks. From 1900-2100 was personal time for us when we got those priveledges.

      I'm not sure if it ever got better, or if I adjusted to the ****. We still got dusted off in AIT for dumb ****.

      I wish I had been in a little better shape physically before I left... that was one of the areas where I struggled. However, DS will get you where you need to be physically regardless of what body type you are.

      Never quit.