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how to comfortize boots?

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  • how to comfortize boots?

    Okay, so at RSP, a month or so ago, I got my new boots. They haven't been bad wearing them here and there at drill for easy lessons and powerpoints.

    However, last drill we did Land Nav all day in the woods. I was walking around in the woods all day in my boots. I now have blisters the size of quarters, and I really had to push myself to make it through the day without just peeling my boots off. And I don't even want to talk about the pain of putting my boots back on the next morning lol.

    What can you do to help this? How did you get through basic without blisters? Or even with manageable blisters?

    Someone said duct tape was a good idea... do you just wrap your feet with it and then put the boots on?

    Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank youuu!

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    Re: how to comfortize boots?

    For one, make sure your boots fit properly and are laced tightly. I use black nylon socks (like the class A socks, or just regular, men's dress socks) under my green wool socks to reduce the friction/moisture combination that creates blisters. Use foot powder in your boots and on your feet before you put socks on, use moleskin (can be found at any pharmacy type store) on hot spots, and change sweaty socks as soon as you can. You're going to have some discomfort breaking in new boots, but it can be managed with a combination of the above.

    In my opinion, I'd stay away from duct tape. That sounds like a horrible idea that would just increase foot sweat that leads to blisters, but maybe others have used it successfully.


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      Re: how to comfortize boots?

      Just like MPThink said, make sure they are the correct size and that they are laced tight enough. There will be a period of break in for most boots, but if you wear them every day you should only have to suffer for 2-3 days before they fit well and aren't uncomfortable. I had one boot that killed my foot while the other was perfectly fine from day one. I wanted to throw them in the lake, but they finally gave way and now I love them, but I was doubtful at first. Wearing boots in garrison and in the field is different. You can afford to leave them loose in garrison, but for any kind of mileage, cinch those puppies down!


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        Re: how to comfortize boots?

        On that note, play with the lacing on them, too. I find that if I skip the 4th eyelets up (right at my ankle) it takes a lot of the pressure off my feet and makes the boots that much more comfortable.

        Just wear them for a few days with your civilian clothes before drill to break them in and they should be fine afterwards. It's not quite a great fashion statement, but it works.


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          Re: how to comfortize boots?

          One thing that helped me was blousing the bottoms of my ACU pants as opposed to stuffing the excess into the boots.

          Keep some moleskin handy and proactively apply. Don't just blanket the area... cut a hole around the "hot spot". The piece of moleskin should look like a washer/doughnut.

          I wore issue boots/socks for all rucks. I got blisters for the first few but eventually your feet somewhat get used to it.


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            Re: how to comfortize boots?

            buy antirub or moleskin to apply to your blisters.. NOT DUCT TAPE. put the duct tape on the inside of the boot wear your ankle rubs against the boot with the sock on. The duct tape makes it a more smooth surface... Blisters are normal.