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    Re: Pack Light

    Originally posted by MPThink View Post
    Females - Bring plain white or tan sports bras and underwear. You might be able to get away with black. No lace, no ribbons, no frill, no craziness, and make sure your underwear actually covers something. :P They have sports bras at all the shopettes, but they're not great, so if you have good ones bring them. I also had family send me a couple decent ones once I got to my OSUT company. Underwear is underwear, at least when you have to follow specific rules like these, the stuff at the shopette was fine.

    Edit: And wear a regular bra with you to go to MEPS. You'll need it to fit your class A' blues properly.
    Cool....thank you, that's what I was looking for and I never thought to take a 'regular' one for Class A fitting, thanks, I was going to leave them all at home.

    I have seen some of the 'issued' sports bras and they didn't exactly look 'sufficient' for my needs and I have some good ones, all white, just needed to know if I could bring them. My recruiter said he had no idea.....

    I am not bothered about bought or bRought knickers.....just wondered if the shopette ones were ok or if it was recommneded to bring ones own (conservative & functional, of course)



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      Re: Pack Light

      back when I went through all the guys would just wear the PT shorts as boxers. That was when the PT shorts were the gray cotton ones though.