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Just some quick questions..

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  • Just some quick questions..

    Hey guys, MA Resident here looking to enlist in the NG.

    Had a couple questions that I figured were best answered here.

    Firstly, I'm currently a college student attending school in CT, I plan on transferring back to a MA State, school, I was wondering if the Guard drill schedule allowed for me to play College Football?

    Secondly, I will have 30+ college credits, and a good friend in the Reserves tells me they'll bump you up in rank, so through what other means can I achieve promotion before BCT?

    Last but not least, If I go to BCT during the Fall, what do the Holidays look like for us recruits?

    Not going to be able to see a recruiter for a few weeks.

    Also, what exactly is the Path to Honor?



    Edit: Just realizing I dropped this in the wrong forum, stupid Firefox :<
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    Re: Just some quick questions..

    I'll help you out with what I know and leave the rest up to someone else.

    With 30 college credits you'd enlist as an E-2. If you earn 48 or more college credits before enlisting you'll be an E-3. Other than that I believe high school ROTC or being an Eagle Scout would also get you to E-3. In RSP, which is what you'll go to before shipping to basic training to help you learn the basics of the military, you might have the chance to do something called skills for stripes. This usually includes basic tests involving basic military courtesy, rank structure, military time, the phonetic alphabet, the seven Army values, etc. and you can be promoted from E-1 to E-2 or E-2 to E-3 with that.

    If you go to BCT during the Fall you'll likely (if you're there in mid-December) get a two week break for Christmas Exodus. You'll enjoy a DFAC Thanksgiving with your battle buddies and DS's, but you'll get to go home for Christmas and New Year's.

    Hope that helped a little.
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      Re: Just some quick questions..

      Awesome, thanks for the info!

      But yeah, I'm still in CT, so I'm only relegated to short chats with my Recruiter over the phone at the moment, until spring break.