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Basic Training Lessons

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    Re: Basic Training Lessons

    Being called a "senior citizen" at 38-- that was funny. Watching the DS grill cops that were going through red phase was hilarious. Watched all the white phase guys get super smoked because none of em' passed the one mile was gutt wrenching. And all this, among other crazy things, happened the first day of drill.


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      Re: Basic Training Lessons

      I'm shipping out on Valentine's Day, and I'm excited about all of those 3 things that were mentioned above; having been through a few RSP drills, there is a lot of the same "do it; now do it again cause you did it wrong" kind of things (like the "fall in/fall out" game), but if you just roll with it, have fun, and ENJOY what you're going through because this is something not very many will get to experience - things will be a lot easier to handle.

      I'm 36, and look way older because all my hair is mostly white, so I GOT a lot of the looks from the other, younger recruits and some joshing by the sergeants... until I did my 1/1/1 test and smoked most of the Green Phasers (who had gone and come back from BCT) -- THEN the same names they used to call me sounded more like compliments and out of respect than the butt of a joke.

      It's all about how you take it, what drives you, what motivates you. If you hold on to the reason why you joined, the reason why you're doing something that only 1% of the population ever thinks about doing -- you'll be fine, no matter the circumstances of the s u c k.

      Good luck. I loved going to MEPS (been there 4 times over the last couple of years), and there's no sarcasm in there. I must be nuts. But the whole military experience -- even the bad parts -- is something I'm thoroughly enjoying.