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  • Alc

    /epic yargh!

    Has anyone done the common course online? Talk about online school.

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    Re: Alc

    Nice that common core is online now. I went to BNCOC common core for six months through the National Guard. It was a very good experience. There was no order for common core or proponent to take, just when you were done it will show it completed on your ERB.

    What are the procedures today Loki?

    Anyway, it should be much easier online and I believe a group is assigned to the course modules meaning you can collaborate with peers in your class online.


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      Re: Alc

      There are 5 modules, I'm on module 2 (effective Army writing, so forgive me for not caring about this post). Typically, each lesson has a review (online, in browser, power point), one or two PEs, then the quiz. Open note quiz. The end of module 1 had an exam with a discussion board. You had to reply to the question and then reply to a fellow soldier.

      It's not bad, it's just LONG. My school is in Cali in Jan.


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        Re: Alc

        I completed it back in September. It took a slice of my soul, but I got through it!

        You have to take good notes, because the tests will try to stump the chump on some off the wall stuff. I believe they give you about 90 days to complete. I got mine done in about 75 days in a deployed environment. If you have internet issues, it's gonna hurt!


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          Re: Alc

          Phase 1 started in October 15... phase 2 starts Jan 18th. I also have 2 classes to take while doing this. Studying til the day I die!