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68W MOS-T at Ft. Indiantown Gap

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  • 68W MOS-T at Ft. Indiantown Gap

    *Disclaimer* I tried to post earlier, but was having internet problems. If this is a double post, my apologies to the administrators.

    Just finished up yesterday and was there since Feb. First and foremost, the instructors there want you to succeed and they go to great lengths to make sure that you're going to make it through the entire course. I initially went to another school, but didn't make it due to the instructor assigned to my squad not really wanting to take the time to train me when I practically begged for help in one of my weak areas. FTIG instructors have created guidelines from lessons learned, will stay as late as possible, and will do whatever they possibly can for you. If you're coming here, I would advise you to do as much PT as you possibly can fit in your schedule now. You'll have sporadic times to workout during Phase 1 & 2, and then you'll be doing PT extremely early in the morning during Phase 3. Phase 3 has an FTX and War Days, which is 4 days long, but seems a lot longer when you're out there. You'll be doing a lot of squatting, running, falling to the ground, getting up from the ground, carrying your aid bag, and lifting patients in various ways. Two words that you'll learn to hate are INCOMING and FRAGO!! Although the instructors have a great plan to help you succeed, they will not baby you. Phase 1 is fast and if you don't study, there will be no hesitation in sending you home if you fail no matter how well you're liked.

    Now for the bad...... Unfortunately, they (MTBS) don't have their own facilities (barracks/DFAC), and have to use the RTI's. Everything and anything that goes wrong in the barracks is the students fault. I and a couple other students had various clothing stolen in the laundry room, and had asked for a list of key swipes entering the laundry room to figure it out. Do you think it happened? No, they were more concerned about males/females being in the same room with the door closed. The DFAC has a very nice staff, an assortment of desserts, and your regular military breakfast layout w/ donuts, bagels, fruit, yogurt, and coffee. Lunch/dinner are hit or miss. Lunch has a deli that makes pretty good sandwiches/wraps if you don't like what's on the main lunch line. Dinner doesn't offer the option. Either you like it or you don't. There's a Subway connected to the PX if all else fails. Most importantly, if you ever get orders to come here - DRIVE!! Especially if you're going to be staying here longer than 2 weeks!! Nothing is conveniently close by, NOTHING!! That is unless you want food poisoning. The gym is pretty decent, but it's about 1.5 - 2 miles away from the barracks. That's good if you're a workout fanatic, but it was pretty cold at times, so jumping rope and using my TRX in my room had to suffice. Extracurricular activities (night life) in the surrounding area are minimal, so travel to Harrisburg or Philadelphia will be mandatory if that's your thing. Hershey isn't that bad either. Shopping is decent in Hershey as well, but the better spots are Lancaster and King of Prussia. Internet access is spotty everywhere on the post! So if you have another means than using the connections in the barracks, do so. At times it was like going back in time to having dial up! I can't say much about outdoor activities, because every chance I got, I got away from FTIG. I would also suggest bringing your own linen. Staff duty is pretty good at doing exchanges, but some of it is old (yellow), and you'll get wool blankets.