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Ear surgery before joining

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  • Ear surgery before joining

    I tried to get a waiver for having ear tubes as a kid but one of them left a very small hole in my ear. I got a temporary dq until the hole is healed. My next option is to get a typanoplasty to correct the hole. Can I still join once I heal from the surgery and how long would I have to wait to join?

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    Re: Ear surgery before joining

    I am not a recruiter or doctor but I found this:

    Middle and inner ear.

    Current or history of chronic otitis media (382), cholesteatoma (385.3), or history of any inner (P20) or middle (P19) ear surgery (including cochlear implantation) is disqualifying.

    Myringotomy or successful tympanoplasty is not disqualifying.
    I would ask your recruiter to call the MEPS physician and find out if there is a waiting period after having it done!


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      Re: Ear surgery before joining

      I know this isn't exactly your issue but it does list a time frame which might be similar???

      Tympanic membrane.

      Current perforation of the tympanic membrane (384.2) or history of surgery to correct perforation during the preceding 120 days (P19) is disqualifying.


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        Re: Ear surgery before joining

        I cannot ethically advise you to intentionally violate army regs. I can tell you, as an MD, that an MD cannot determine a patient has had a tymplanoplasty by looking at the eardrum. It looks like a tiny area of scar which could be due to an infection as a child.

        I can tell you that the Army never knew I had had both knees scoped, due to sports injuries, because I never told the examining physician and never put it on the medical exam paperwork I had had the surgeries. I jumped out of airplanes for four years and my knees never became a problem. BG Theodore Roosevelt Jr, son of the President, never told the 4th division CO that he required a cane to get around due to his advanced arthritis from combat wounds in WW1. BG Roosevelt landed in the 1st wave at Utah Beach in Normandy and was heroic and awarded the MOH. If he can do it, so can I lol.
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