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Question from new member - To IT folks in Guard

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  • Question from new member - To IT folks in Guard

    (Posting for a new guy.)

    Originally posted by grauwolf
    If so, would be interested to chat with you about your experience. I'm not looking for anybody in a particular branch because I would like to get a more high-level view of what I might be getting myself into before I go talk to a recruiter type person.

    And if you joined as a non-prior-service and went through the OTS/OCS program then I have a few basic questions for you.

    And if you are currently involved with IT/InfoSec/Cyber/NetWar/etc, then that's even better.

    My questions are centered around three things really;
    - what is the drill like for a technician vs an "info sec" officer (every branch has their own terms so I use this generally),
    - and how does the general on-boarding process work, and finally
    - do you feel that your position as a reservist / guard has provided significant value?


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    Re: Question from new member - To IT folks in Guard

    Alot of units dont have a slot for an 'IT guy' just someone with knowledge from the civilian side puts in on themself to help out. My unit does have a large IT section. I've noticed the Officers do more of the planning and sitting at the desk figuring out the paperwork side of it and the Enlisted seem to be the ones going around fixing things, they get more of the hands on get out there and talk to the 'customer' type jobs. The Officers in the section I rarely see. And its not that i'm saying they are not working, I honestlybelieve they deal with the paperwork, authorizing side of it more then the hands on side of it. They deligate the hands on work and then make sure it all goes through on the paperwork side of it. IT has alot of paperwork to it, people need the authorization to have the accounts. Enlisted also spend alot of time tracking their equipment, the Officer produces the procedure for it and the enlisted execute it.