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Potential Impacts & Concerns

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  • Potential Impacts & Concerns

    - What are the positive and negative impacts of the Guard on family life? General comments or observations in regards to the Guard and family would also be welcome.

    - Comments on morality/ethics/professionalism in the Guard would be appreciated. I realize that this varies widely between individuals and units, but any insights would be helpful. An example of why this concerns me would be that of the people I know that are in the Guard, many mention quite often the excessive drinking (and associated activities that then occur) that goes on during a drill weekend.

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    Re: Potential Impacts & Concerns

    I guess you never been on any military installation during the night and weekends.

    Majority of military members drink just like your college crew. When I was in the Guard; a small contigent stayed after final formation on Sunday and drank liquor in the Armory. It was a very controlled environment and we took care of one another.

    Overall, the Guard is a great, positive experience for the family. Especially the benefits, family days and other great events.


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      Re: Potential Impacts & Concerns

      I havent been in that long, but what I have seen has been nothing but positive. Great people. Willing to bend over backwards to take care of each other.

      Yes there is a little immaturity at times, but nothing that one would not expect seeing in an organization made up of a lot of folks 18-30 years old.

      I know cops, nurses, accountants, doctors, and every other profession who serve in the Guard, and believe me I would join again in a heartbeat.


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        Re: Potential Impacts & Concerns

        Thanks for the replies so far. In addition to responses addressing routine Guard life, I'd be particularly interested in replies addressing my previous questions in the context of a deployment.